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Introduction to the NZ Buttercup Squash

The New Zealand Buttercup Squash Industry is a dynamic and growing industry currently made up of 63 growers, 15 packhouses and 15 exporters.

  • It is New Zealand's fourth largest horticultural export product, after kiwifruit, pipfruit and onions, with approximate annual FOB earnings of NZD 65-70 million from the export of around 80-85,000 metric tonnes, produced from approximately 6500 hectares.
  • Currently, approximately 80% of New Zealand's export buttercup squash production is supplied to Japan, 19% to Korea and the remaining to several emerging markets.
  • The major growing regions (approximate percentages in brackets) are Auckland/Waikato (10%), Gisborne (38%), Hawkes Bay (40%), Manawatu (10%) and Canterbury (2%)..
  • The NZKC's goal in all markets is to identify and support potential business partners, working closely with New Zealand exporters, with its generic promotional activities and materials.


Our Food Safety Programme

The New Zealand buttercup squash industry's record of product safety since the industry was formed has been excellent and includes full traceability of product from the growing field to the importing countries' ports.

The New Zealand industry is also especially committed to assisting its overseas partners in market-end product traceability and labeling systems, to further strengthen its joint food safety goals.


New Zealand Growing Environment

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